Fitter Future

An online video platform for schools and teachers to remain fit. Currently in use at more than 700 schools with over 65,000 students registered.

This work was done as part of my employment at Scout Digital


  • Translating requirements into technical specifications
  • Designing database schema
  • Choosing appropriate stack
  • Selecting a viable host for application
  • Coding application to specification
  • Maintaining application including major upgrades of Laravel


  • On demand video streaming for schools and students
  • Separate interfaces for students, schools and administrators
  • Statistical dashboard for both administrators and schools showing metrics such as workout increases on a student by student basis
  • Data collection such as students present in a class workout
  • Powerful administration panel allowing management of schools, classes, users, students, workouts
  • School panel allowing management of classes and students


  • PHP + Laravel 5/6/7
  • PHPUnit
  • AWS S3
  • Redis
  • Sass
  • Nginx
  • MySQL