History Hit

An online streaming platform for history content with hundreds of history documentaries, interviews and short films

This work was done as part of my employment at Scout Digital



  • Translating requirements into technical specifications
  • Designing database schema
  • Choosing appropriate stack
  • Select a viable host for application
  • Coding application to specification


  • On demand video streaming utilising AWS APIs
  • Series and episode categorisation for videos with Alogila backend search
  • Custom CMS backend allowing administration of content, uploading videos, managing users and subscriptions
  • Integration with Braintree payment provider powering trials and subscriptions
  • User registration system and subscription management


  • AWS Cloudfront + AWS S3 + AWS Elastic Transcoder + AWS SQS
  • Laravel + PHP
  • Redis
  • Algolia search
  • MySQL
  • Sass
  • Nginx